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The Only "What You See Is What You Get" Online Form Processing System
The Ultimate Solution for Paperwork Elimination

What is GoFormOnline? Advantages of GoFormOnline Main Features
GoFormOnline is a database-based online PDF Form-Processing system developed by Sharon Technology in Massachusetts. It is the only what you see is what you get online form-processing system in the world. With GoFormOnline's user-friendly Template Designer, you can easily publish any paper form or e-form on the web without programming. The forms on the web are identical in format to the original paper forms, and are pre-filled with information available from databases. The user can fill, save, and print a form anytime, and submit it for processing after completion. Business rules are validated interactively. After a form is submitted, the system notifies the assigned people to process the form at each level of the preset workflow. Forms can also be processed in a package. A package cannot be submitted until all forms in the package have been completed.

GoFormOnline can also be used as a web development tool to:
  • Develop data entry applications
  • Develop online registration and application systems such as tax filing and online college applications
  • Publish documents
  • Replace OCR paperwork elimination systems
And no programming is required!

  • Makes form filling easier: Forms in this system are pre-filled with available information from the database for all users at different levels and sub-levels. With this system, you will never need to re-enter your name, address, or any information already in the database.
  • Shortens the form processing life-cycle: The user fills out and submits a form online. The system handles workflow by notifying people responsible for processing the form at different levels and sub-levels, and the workflow is monitored. Thus, the period for processing a paper form could be shortened from weeks to days, hours or even minutes.
  • Eliminates paperwork: The system displays and prints forms in their original paper or e-form format. Both the party who submits and the party who receives the form can print identical copies at any time. This eliminates the necessity for keeping a paper copy of the form. GoFormOnline is the ultimate paperwork elimination solution.
  • Brings paper and e-forms online without programming: The Template Designer can publish and update forms online by changing template settings, and it can also develop form-based web applications such as data entry, online registration, and other online applications without programming. It is hundreds of times faster than developing similar applications with programming and eliminates costs associated with web development and maintenance, data entry, and paper form printing.
  • Centralizes form processing and data entry management: All the form and other applications mentioned above can be managed on a single server, simplifying management.
  • Integrates with existing web systems: The system can be integrated with other web-based systems through a built-in single sign-on component. The system can also share databases with other enterprise software systems.
  • Supports all major databases
  • Supports .NET and Java platforms
  • Supports multiple tenants
  • Supports public user and office user modes
  • Can be easily integrated with existing web sites
  • Publishes paper and other e-forms quickly on the web without programming
  • Can be localized to any language
  • Handles permission with role and level based security systems
  • Handles serial and parallel workflow with a built-in workflow component
  • Pre-fills forms with available information from the database
  • Validates business rules before saving and submitting forms
  • Allows form submission with attachments
  • Allows retrieval of data from external web services
  • Allows adding worksheets for complicated forms
  • Allows processing forms in a package